Relief from headache with aromatherapy

Headache is described as the ache or pain in the head or upper neck.  A number of causes are responsible for headaches. Primary headaches, secondary headaches and cranial neuralgias are the main types of headaches. Cold and flu, tension, migraine, gastroenteritis or stomach flu are the main causes of primary headaches. Secondary headache results from meningitis, bleeding in the brain, tumor and encephalitis.

Cranial neuralgia means a group of headaches that take place as the nerves in the head and upper neck becomes inflamed and is the main reason of pain in the head. Aromatherapy is the best possible way of proving relief to the head pain.

Treating headache with aromatherapy:

Peppermint: Peppermint is colorless oil with an unmarked, distinctive penetrating scent. This oil acts as a controller that has a relaxing and cooling effect, depending on the condition for which one is using it. Peppermint is known to relieve migraine type headache, headache caused from weak and reduced digestive forces as well as jam-packed and lethargic circulation.

Aromatherapy is a gentle and noninvasive balancing and substitute health care that is used for matching and harmonizing the intellect, body, character and sentiment to improve the health. In aromatherapy, one has to use this oil along with a carrier oil and slowly massage the head in soft circular movements, particularly in the area where there is the headache along with covering the overall head with the oil massage.

Lavender: The lavender essential oil has been used for the reduction of stress and the headache caused due to its use since hundreds of years. According to some research conducted recently, the aroma or scent of lavender has a soothing, calm and sedative effect on the mind of a person, when inhaled.

Lavender is combined with rosemary oil to ease stiff neck that is often connected with headache. One has to massage these oils in the forehead and to the base of the skull using circular pressure with the fingertips. Lavender oil is blended with majoram oil to enhance the soothing and quiet effect. Again, lavender oil when applied to the temples relieves headache.

Again, massage the neck and the shoulders, the face and the scalp when applying an aromatic oil blend. A cold compress is applied with two drops of peppermint oil that is added to the forehead. This also helps in the relieving of headache.

Inhaling a few drops of majoram oil from a handkerchief helps in relieving sinus headache.

Again using rose oil along with facial oil helps in the calming of nerves, uplifting the spirit and relieving headache.