Relieving Muscle Cramps with Essential Oil

Essential oils are those oils that are obtained from the plants, roots, seeds, flowers, bushes and trees. With the help of massaging of essential oils the vital nutrients and oxygen are transferred to different cells of the body. The essential oils are popular all over the world due to their antibacterial and antifungal properties.

These oils are used for the checking of cold and cough, pressure, anxiety, burns, skin problems, disorders in stomach and varied other health issues. The essential oils are used in a number of ways. The topical application of these oils aids in fighting back the skin, joint and muscular problems. The inhalation of the oil helps to treat the breathing problems, infections as well as uphold the mental health of the individuals.

Not only this antiseptic property of the essential oil is widely admired throughout the world and the tree tea oil is known to be the strongest natural disinfectant that has been recognized by man. The anti-inflammatory powers of the essential oils helps to relieve the muscle cramps and fight the inflammation caused from these cramps.

Lavender: The relaxing property of this oil helps to deal with ailments like insomnia and aids in sleeping. This essential oil is extremely beneficial for the relieving of the soreness and pain from muscle cramps, strain, sprain, spasm, as well as contracture.

The oil helps in the soothing of the cardiovascular as well as the digestive systems. It is popularly used as a sedative to the central nervous system and helps in the relieving of headaches, nervous tension as well as insomnia. Lavender is powerful as antispasmodic that helps in the muscular, respiratory as well as the circulatory problems.

Rosemary and ginger: Massage the cramped muscle with the help of essential oils like ginger or rosemary. Since these oils are considered as hot, they need to be diluted with the help of carrier oils. Warm up either of these oils, dilute the oil with the carrier oil and then massage the cramped area with the help of these oils. Slow massaging of the area helps to increase the circulation and thereby relieve the pain and stiffness of the cramps.