REM Sleep Disorder – Home Remedies

The phrase “REM” stands for rapid eye movement. Hence REM sleep disorder is a sleeping disorder that is characterized by rapid eye movement. In the case of REM sleep disorder, the body of a person goes through some changes like irregular breathing, high blood pressure, paralysis of limbs, higher than normal brain activity and so on.

Some of the symptoms of REM sleep disorder are screaming, talking, sitting upright, punching, walking in their sleep, kicking, etc.

Tiredness is the basic cause of sleep disorder. Other than that stress, emotional disorders and sluggishness are some other causes of REM sleep disorder. This disorder can be controlled by trying some effective home remedies.

Home remedies for REM sleep disorder:

Nicotine and caffeine: While caffeine is known to result in increased wakefulness and sleep fragmentation, nicotine can keep an individual awake and can lead to lighter than normal sleep. Caffeine, on the other hand, is responsible for jamming the receptors that adenosine uses in order to activate sleep-inducing signals and might take a lengthy period of 6-8 hours for the effects of caffeine to wear off completely.

Tiredness: Tiredness is one of the vital factors that creep out if there is REM sleep disorder. Again excessive tiredness can cause all sorts of health problems and REM disorder is no exception to it.

Daily exercise: Daytime exercise can provide us with a good sleep at night. Daily exercise is vital in order to have a good sleep at night. However, one must categorically avoid any workouts just before going to sleep. It can definitely affect the sleep and probably take long time before someone can fall asleep.

Alcohol drinking: Alcohol’s sleep-inducing effects may lessen as its troublesome results carry on otherwise increased with continued consumption just before bedtime. The sleep trouble caused because the use of alcohol may lead to exhaustion during daytime and sleep. Bedtime consumption of alcohol among the elderly adults can also cause instability in the legs if walking is tried in the hours of darkness with enlarged danger of collapsing and getting hurt.

Daytime napping: Taking naps throughout the day can aggravate REM sleep disorder. A bedtime ritual will always help one to stay in a routine. Short naps at daytime are never a solution to REM sleep disorder. On the contrary, it should always be avoided so that the individual feels tired and sleepy when he goes to bed at night.