Remedies For Arthritis

The word arthritis means inflammation of joints. Inflammation is main feature of arthritis which is a reaction of the joint tissues to some form of damage or injury and it highly affects joints and bones. The arthritis is caused by bad fall, a several jolt or the trauma, joint instability, hormonal factors, environmental factors, food allergy, natural deficiency etc.

There are several best and useful remedies for arthritis like by wrapping red flannel gently around painful joint and leaving that for overnight. A gentle massage  with warm olive oil is very effective to relive arthritis. The patient should be given a lukewarm enema for a few days to clean the bowls, as the first step to prevent arthritis is to relive constipation. Steam baths and body massage are also very beneficial in alleviating arthritis.

An extra supplement of calcium, zinc and vitamin C must be taken is it very useful for the treatment of arthritis. You can take four pieces of garlic and Sprague. Powder both and dip in 30gms of mustard oil  and heat slowly. Massage daily with this oil on pains as it one of the good natural remedy for arthritis.