2 Remedies For Car Sickness In Children

2 Remedies For Car Sickness In Children

Many people especially children are prone to motion sickness while riding in buses, cars, boats, planes and sometimes even on trains. This illness gets aggravated when they are on rides in carnivals or theme parks. There are yet others who might get motion sickness while playing on a swing. Research and studies have come to a conclusion that motion sickness develops due to conflicting messages that the brain receives from the body and its state of motion.

One message might tell the brain that it is currently stationary while a simultaneous message might indicate to the brain that it is currently in a state of motion. These messages are repeatedly sent across to the brain confusing it thus causing what we call as motion sickness.

Symptoms Of Car Sickness

Tiredness Is Symptom Of Car Sickness

Some of the symptoms that accompany motion sickness are nausea and vomiting, fatigue and tiredness along with sweating profusely. There are few things that we can do to help people and children who are prone to motion sickness feel better while they are traveling.

Remedies For Car Sickness

Avoid letting a child prone to motion sickness sit right at the back of the car. Preferably have them sit in a seat located in the middle of the car. This will help them feel a little more comfortable. In a plane ensure they sit near the middle of the plane and avoid window seats.

Eat Light Snack To Reduce Sickness

If possible avoid taking them on board cruises and boats as they would tend to get sick easily. Before starting any trip make sure that they eat a light snack. In case they get nausea it would be a little milder as compared to if they had not eaten anything at all.

Children tend to out grow motion sickness as they grow older. Though the symptoms generally are reduced sometimes even adults get affected by it. There are a few over the counter anti-nausea medication which are readily available.

Do Activity To Reduce Sickness

These can be given to children who are 2 years old and above to help control and stop the symptoms. Another way to treat motion sickness is to stop performing the activity that is causing it to occur. Children suffering from motion sickness should be made to lie down flat with a cold cloth placed on their forehead. They could also be exposed to cool air as this would help alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness.

Remedies For Car Sickness In Children