Remedies for Cataract

When cataract is mentioned, people generally think of a film that has grown on the eyes causing to see double or blurred images. However, cataracts do not form , but rather within the eyes. Cataract are clouding of natural lens in the eyes , which is a part of eye that is responsible for focusing light and producing clear sharp images. The various causes of cataract are aging, diabetes, eye injury, some metabolic and congenital disorders.

There are several remedies for curing cataract. One of the most useful remedy is eating plenty of carrots on daily basis. The best home remedy for cataract also includes consuming two or three cloves of garlic everyday. Eat raw garlic and chew them slowly as garlic aids in cleansing the crystalline lens of the eye.

Another useful remedy includes taking the juice of extracted pumpkin flowers and then applying it on eyes everyday. Also putting a few drops of unprocessed pure honey in the eye helps in curing the problem of cataract. The patient suffering from cataract has to avoid white bread, sugar, cream, refined cereals, rice, boiled potatoes etc. Also he must take about 6gms of aniseeds daily in the morning and evening. Another natural remedy for cataract is using castor oil and use of spinach is very useful diet for cataract.