Remedies for Dark Spots and Pigmentations under the Arms

Mothers who have dark spots under their arms are embarrassed to show of this part of their body. This limits their wardrobe choices and can be extremely frustrating. In warmer climates it is hard to wear fitted clothes all the time and if you opt to wear a sleeveless outfit it becomes a concern as the dark spots on the underarms area become visible.One of the most common causes for dark patches forming under the arms is shaving. When you shave the area often the smaller hairs get trapped and this leads to the formation of dark patches. Instead if you wax your under arms area you will be able to get rid of the tiny hair follicles and reduce the possibility of dark patches in this region.

If you notice the area getting dark and this is causing a lot of embarrassment then you must exfoliate the area. You can either use a brush or a gel to clean the area. When you exfoliate your skin the dead skin cells are eliminated and this gives the skin a fresh look.

If the area under your arms is dark and stained then you need to avoid using perfumes and other products on this area. They may be the factors that are causing this issue. Your skin may be reacting to the perfumes that you use by forming dark patches. Thus avoid using these products. Use natural essential oils instead as they reduce the risk of damage to the skin.

Use a fairness cream on the area at night. This will reduce the patches on your skin and will improve the general look and feel of the skin in this region. the creams are especially designed to lighten the pigments and reduce the appearance of patches and marks on your skin.

One must not be careless with any skin conditions and hence it is best to show off this condition to a dermatologist. A professional’s opinion will help to understand the factors that contribute to this condition and remedies to improve it.

Follow a strict diet and drink plenty of water. Bathe frequently in order to get rid of accumulated sweat on region under the arms.