Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure in our body is the factor which is used to circulate blood to different parts of our body. Normal blood pressure, which is considered to be 130/85, is required to keep our body organs function properly.

However a variation from the normal blood pressure may lead to complications and should be treated seriously. When blood pressure goes beyond 140/90, the condition is termed as hypertension or high blood pressure. The blood vessels of heart are damaged due to hypertension and this increases risk of stroke or the heart attack. The common symptoms of high blood pressure are stiffness in breathing, consistent headache, problem of vision, tiredness etc. Sometime people get silent attack without any symptoms.

Papaya is considered to be very effective in controlling blood pressure. It has been proved that consumption of papaya on a regular basis avoids hypertension and therefore helps in avoiding heart attacks or strokes. Eating papaya while rising from the bed in the morning on a regular basis controls blood pressure and keeps our body healthy and fit.

Onion extract when taken with honey is also very beneficial in controlling high blood pressure. Take 2 tea spoonful onion extract, mix it with 1 tea spoonful honey and add some cumin powder to it, take this twice a day. The results will be wonderful, you will find that your blood pressure remain close to 130/85.

Curry leaves are also very helpful in controlling blood pressure. Consumption of curry leaves juice on a regular basis keeps blood pressure close to normal. Take few curry leaves, soak them in 250 ml of warm water for more than 1 hour. Take the extract empty stomach in the morning. This will keep your blood pressure under control.

Garlic is very helpful in controlling blood pressure. Take 1 clove of garlic empty stomach in the morning, your blood pressure will remain close to normal. As the high blood pressure may damage to the heart, which is very important organ of our body, we should not ignore if any symptom of high blood pressure is found. Consulting a doctor is always advisable.