Remedies For Indigestion- How Herbs Can Help

Indigestion is a big problem for everyone. Indigestion, which is very irritating, gives a stomach discomfort, bitter taste in mouth, and pain at several places. Vomiting or loose motion can be result of it. This is a basic digestive disease, which may increase the possibilities of more sensitive or serious disorder.

This problem attacks the adults, children and people of all ages. Take a look at some of the causes and symptoms of the disorder.

Types, causes and symptoms: Mild, severe and persistent are the three different types of indigestion. For lots of people, the disorder takes place because of eating heavy meals, eating too quickly or, consuming high-fat foods. The syndrome might be caused by an illness in the digestive tract like ulcer.

Indigestion sometimes produces various symptoms like stomachache, nausea and vomiting, heartburn, or gastric problems. Due to lack of sufficient water in the body, the disorder can even lead to dehydration. The syndrome is also accompanied by excessive sweating, lack of inhalation, or ache radiating to the neck, jaw or arm. Therefore, it’s important to seek proper help immediately.

There are some herbal remedies to cure the indigestion problem.

Herbal remedies for indigestion: Take five or six basil leaves and chop them properly. Now add one-fourth tablespoon of black pepper and sea salt in three tablespoon of curd. Then eat the mixture repeatedly four times every day and continue it for a week. Drinking the juice of aloe vera or papaya and the herbal tea of chamomile, red raspberry or peppermint are very helpful herbal remedies. Taking a mixture of honey and lemon juice with lukewarm water is one of the best remedies.

One cup of ginger tea, which you should take after meals, is good for heartburn or nausea and to promote a good digestion. Fresh juice of curry leaves and lime with sugar is an effective herbal remedy as well.

Another method that is helpful for this situation is drinking the juice of raw potato or an egg white. Following the above mentioned herbal tips can help you to get relief from the indigestion problem in a fast and easy manner.