Remedies for Pain Caused by Stiff Neck

Stiff necks are common to those in the age group of 20 to 40. Though it does not cause any long term damage; you must make sure to treat the condition as it may lead to a host of other disorders that may impact your physical as well as your mental health. There are several ways in which you can treat this condition and hence you need not worry. A few minutes of care will give you a life time of relief.

Ice and Heat therapy

The pain that you experience will be either severe or acute and in some cases the pain is chronic. In order to take care of this you must use a neck collar to prevent further injury to your neck and back muscles. When you are lying still in bed it is a good idea to apply a hot water compress to the neck and upper back. It helps to get rid of the pain and increases the blood circulation in the area; this sort of treatment is for pain that is caused by an accident and is the first form of treatment that you can use. Use a hot water compress for 24 to 48 hours. For the next few days you must use a cold compress. This helps to reduce the swelling that will come up in the next few days. Since ice is a natural anesthetic it will reduce the swelling.

Yoga and massage therapy

If the pain tends to linger on then you will suffer from chronic pain. In order to prevent this you must try out different options to help you to ease the pain and prevent it. In this case you must try massage therapy. A professional will be able to get rid of the stiff neck by massaging the area and easing the stress and stiffness in the area. You can also opt for yoga. The exercises and breathing techniques will help you to control the pain and prevent it from reoccurring.

Preventive methods

In order to prevent the pain from reoccurring you must try stretching exercises that helps to strengthen the neck and back muscles. You must also make sure that you sit with a good posture, hold your head straight and shoulders out. Avoid slouching. Sit with your back against the chair. When you sit at your computer make sure that you are at the safe distance from the screen and avoid bending forward.