Remedies for Stretch Marks on your Body

Stretch marks are thin streaks on your skin that are a result of drastic weight loss or gain. They tend to look red or black depending on the tone and color of your skin. They can be embarrassing and hence getting rid of them or preventing them is a good idea. There are several stretch marks creams available that help to moisturize your skin and help to get rid of the marks on your body. Doctors recommend the use of the cream before, during and after pregnancy to get rid of the marks. Even weight loss related marks can be minimized with these creams. There are a few natural remedies you can try as well to aid the removal of these lines on your skin.

To start off; you need to keep your skin well hydrated. Drinking water during the day helps to keep the tissues in your body well hydrated and hence help to remove the toxins from your body.

When you get stretch marks on your body; the skin in that area gets damaged. In order to repair the skin you must massage Aloe Vera extracts on the area. In the gel form it is most effective. Break a piece of the Aloe leaf and apply the gel onto the affected area. The gel enters the layers of your skin and heals in from within.

Exfoliate the skin on the affected area with an exfoliating cream. Once you get rid of the dead skin cells; new skin will grow in its place and thus get rid of the marks on your skin.

Eating foods that make your skin tight is also helpful. Protein based foods like vegetables, fish and nuts are a great source that helps to tighten the skin and reduce the effect of the marks.

If you suffer from stretch marks then you must make sure not to let your skin get dry. Moisturize your skin well to help to heal the marks and prevent flaking. Massaging a rich moisturizing cream like cocoa butter is extremely helpful.

Use products that suit your skin type for the best and quickest amount of healing time.