3 Remedies for Treatment of Depression

3 Remedies for Treatment of Depression

In today busy and hectic life pattern people are facing a number of serious health complications. The advancement in technologies has increased our social and financial responsibilities manifold. Depression is a condition in which a person experiences emotional disorder. It has become a very common health issue in recent past. The studies have revealed that the number of people suffering from this disorder is growing worldwide. 

Therefore it is very important to know about basic factors leading to this disorder. The person suffering from depression feels quite dejected and a feeling of sadness makes his life miserable. As mentioned above, depression is an emotional disorder and dealing with it is comparatively difficult than a physical complication.

Drinking Water

Due to increased responsibilities at home and office a person may face tension and anxiety for a long period. He may face the problem of stress after everyday’s work. These are the basic conditions which may lead to the problem of depression. In some cases prolonged and excessive consumption of alcoholic drink may also lead to this problem.

The basic symptoms of depression are that the body energy of the person suffering from depression becomes quite low, a sense of loss is developed in the brain which keeps the patient worried all the time, fatigue, a negative feeling for the society. Other symptoms of the disease may include low blood pressure, sudden decrease in body temperature, shivering, irritability, itching, low appetite, constipation, impotency, etc.

morning walk

Asparagus has been found to be very effective herb for a number of ailments. Medicinal and high nutritious characteristics of asparagus have made it a very popular herbal remedy. The roots of asparagus work like a tonic for the brain and give a quick relief in case of depression.

Regular consumption of fruits like apple is very effective in case of depression. The vitamins and minerals present in apple provide a quick relief from the depression. For a better result you can consume apples on a regular basis with a teaspoonful of honey. You should avoid alcoholic drink. Beverages like strong tea and coffee should be avoided. Go for morning walk daily. Drink plenty of water everyday. Vitamin B is very helpful in depression and you can take vitamin B supplement tablets.

Vitamin B