Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes

Today a major fraction of the global population is facing the problem of diabetes. It has becomes a problem of major concerns even for well reputed countries like the United States. Almost more than 90% of the people suffering from diabetes are type 2 diabetes patients.

In type 2 diabetes body cells become resistant to the effects of insulin or in some other cases the body is not able to produce enough insulin. The body cell get their energy from the glucose formed by the breakdown of sugar. In case of type 2 diabetes the glucose doesn’t go into the body cell but it gets accumulated in the blood and this leads to a lack of energy for the body cells. The deficiency in energy for the body cells results in failure of nervous system, heart, eyes and kidneys.

There are various effective best natural remedies for diabetes. However, while going for these home-based remedies, consultancy of a well qualified doctor is necessary. Magnesium is an essential component in various biochemical reactions inside our body. It is helpful in regulating the functioning of nervous system, heart, immune system etc. It is also essential for maintaining healthy bones.

Magnesium can be supplied to the body by the consumption of various grain and nutritional supplements, leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts. A deficiency of magnesium in body may disrupt the glucose control of the blood can make type 2 diabetes more dreaded. Hence, a good supply of magnesium to the body is always important for a patient suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Zinc is also helpful in storage and production of insulin in our body. Hence intake of zinc is helpful in case of type 2 diabetes. Therefore a good supply of zinc to the body is necessary. Zinc can be supplied to the body by consumption of chicken, ginger roots, egg yolk, almonds, beef liver, lamb, lima beans, walnuts, etc. Recent studies have shown that aloe vera is also helpful in type 2 diabetes because it can consume the accumulating sugar in the blood and can keep the sugar level of the body under control. It is always advisable that you go for any of these home remedies under supervision of a doctor.