Remedies to Cover Age Spots on your Face

Age spots are commonly referred to as liver spots or sun spots. Exposure to the sun leads to the formation of these spots on your face. As we age the liver is unable to metabolize these marks and thus they do not reduce the sun spots. If these spots are not cared for they will remain permanent spots on your face. With the help of a few home and herbal remedies you will be able to get rid of the age spots on your face.If you have oily skin then you are more prone to spots on your face. In order to prevent the spots from forming you need to wash your face regularly in order to get rid of the oil and excess secretion on your face. Use an oil free cleanser as it will enhance your skin too. Use a mix of yogurt and chickpea flour and a few drops of lemon juice on your face. Blend the ingredients together to form a thick paste. Apply the paste on your skin and let in dry. As the paste dries it will begin to form thick flakes and peel off on its own. The lemon juice will reduce the effect of the scars and the chickpea flour and the yogurt will nourish the skin to heal the scars quickly. Bush lavender oil no your face after you clean your skin. The oils will tighten the pores on your face and will resist the formation of skin spots and age spots as a result of sun exposure.

Exfoliate your skin regularly in order to get rid of the spots on your skin. When you get rid of the dry skin on your face you automatically get rid of the spots on your face. This is a simple yet effective way to get rid of spots and scars on your face. Exfoliating also improves the texture of your skin and makes in softer and gives you a deep cleansing effect. If the spots are dark and you are attempting to hide them then you need to use a think layer of concealer on your skin. Dust a light layer of powder on your face in order to hide the scars completely.