Remedies to Improve Circulation in your Feet

After a long day your feet feel exhausted and may even pain. In some cases the pain is unbearable and you feel like you are unable to stand for another minute. Taking care of your feet is important in order to live a healthy life. Long hours standing, unflattering footwear, pregnancy, menstrual cycles and obesity are some of the common causes of unhealthy feet. The simple solution to this issue is to increase the blood circulation in your feet; this will keep your feet healthy, happy and beautiful.

The easiest way to improve blood circulation in your feet is to soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes daily. The ideal time to do this is when you take a shower or just before you go to bed. The warm water stimulates the nerves and this increase the blood circulation in your feet. You may add a few bath salts or essential oils to the water that you soak your feet in; the will help to relax tired feet.

The key to keeping the circulation in your feet constant is to exercise regularly. This does not mean that you need to take time out of your schedule to do this. You can exercise your feet while you are working at your desk. One way to exercise your feet is to wriggle your toes. This constant action will increase the flow of blood in your feet. You could also rotate your feet constantly as you sit at your desk.

If your work requires you to sit all day you may notice your feet falling a sleep; this is due to lack of blood flowing to your feet. This can be prevented by taking occasional breaks and walking around during this period. Walking will help to prevent your feet from falling asleep and will also increase the flow of blood in your feet.

You must wear shoes that are comfortable. You shoes should not hamper your walk or cause discomfort in any way. Wear athletic shoes when you exercise in order to prevent any injury to your feet; these shoes also enhance the blood circulation in your feet.