Remedies to Reduce Underarms Perspiration

Before you fret over how you can get rid of those ugly looking underarm sweat patches, you need to understand that ‘sweating’ is natural and normal. It can never be completely eliminated no matter how many products you use. However, there are a few tips which could help you reduce the sweating.

All of us sweat, but some of us sweat more than others. This could simply be because you are physically more active than your friends or you could have a higher metabolism, both of these are good for your health, so; be happy! There are things that you can do to control the sweating.

Use an antiperspirant and not a deodorant. What’s the difference you ask? The answer is in the names given to both, the former controls perspiration whereas the latter helps control body odor. An antiperspirant also masks body odor. Look for quality brands which claim their product can actually control sweating without clogging your pores.

Wear natural fabrics as opposed to synthetic ones. These allow your skin to breathe naturally and help control sweating. Also, wear sleeveless where possible. This allows your underarms to breathe and helps in reducing perspiration.

If you are wearing an outfit made with synthetic fabric to a special occasion, try using some prickly heat powder underarms. All prickly heat powders control perspiration. You can use an antiperspirant first and then top it up with the powder to get double benefits. If you dress fits you snugly under your arms, you can try this simple trick. Put a thin soft cotton pad in your armpits, like the shoulder pads that you removed from an old blouse. This will absorb the excess sweat and take care of the wet patches at least for the evening.

If you are someone who gets nervous easily, look for ways to work around the situation and calm yourself. Try moving your arms around to allow your underarms to be aired. Be careful not to look like a freak though! Jokes apart, you could try placing your arms over you head when relaxing or similar other actions which look very natural and are a smart way to air your underarms.

These are simple measures that can help you reduce underarm sweating, however if the sweating is excessive and uncontrollable, you might need to see a doctor as this could be a medical condition.