5 Tips To Remove Sun Burn Naturally


5 Tips To Remove Sun Burn Naturally

It is summer time and surely your skin will get lots of sun burn. Sun burn occurs when the skin is burned due to exposure in the sun. Black spots occur on the skin and the skin looses it natural glow and fairness. Surely you will get panicky after seeing your face in the mirror.

Most people after getting sunburn runs to the parlor. To get a quick result they use chemical bleach which actually harms your skin. Moreover you have to spend lots of money to get this treatment.  My article will help you to remove your sun tan without doing any harm of your skin and spending least amount of money.


Natural products are always good for your skin. Cool milk is one such natural product. Immediately after coming back from sun, wash your face with cold water to remove the heat from the skin. After that soak your cotton ball in the chilled milk and apply that on your face and neck. This will help to sooth your skin and remove the burn. Another milk product is yogurt which is slightly acidic. It is an excellent medicine of skin burn. Soak some almond in the milk overnight. Next morning grind that paste and mix them with remaining milk.


Apply that paste on your skin. It really works. Soak some saffron strands in the milk overnight. Next morning the milk will change its color and will turn orange. Massage that orange milk on your face and neck to remove the sun tan. Side by side it will help to make your skin fairer. Mix pinch of baking soda in the milk and apply that on burned area. This combination also helps to remove the sun burn very effectively.

Lemon is a good thing that removes sun burn very quickly. Mix sugar and lemon juice and apply that on your skin. Lemon being acidic cleans the skin and sugar granules helps to scrub out the dead skin. Combination of lemon juice and cucumber juice is also very effective to remove the burn. Grate one cucumber and strain the juice.


Squeeze one lemon in it. Mix the juice and preserve it in refrigerator. Use it everyday on whole body 10 minutes before going to take bath. Smash one ripe tomato and apply that pulp on the burnt skin. Use it regularly and it will remove the skin tan in a very few days and you will get a radiant skin soon. Potato juice and aloe vera helps to remove sun burn very fast. Grate one potato and strain the milky white juice.

Potato juice

Slit one aloe vera tube and remove the jell. Mix the jell and the milky white juice and massage it on your skin. It helps to soothe your skin and a few days you will get a spotless white skin. Coconut oil is very effective in burn. Mix coconut oil and lemon juice into 1:1 ratio and massage that oil everyday on your skin before bath. It really works. Mix ripe papaya, yogurt and oatmeal very well and apply that on your skin to get benefit. A combination of sandalwood powder and turmeric is a good medicine for skin burn.

Practice these methods sincerely and get benefited.

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