Rheumatoid Arthritis New Treatment –Effectiveness of Aromatherapy

The word “aromatherapy” comes from two words “aroma” and “therapy”. Aroma means fragrance and therapy means treatment. This treatment deals with the inhaling of different essential oil fragrances, which in turn leads to the flow of good regularized energy within our body.

These fragrances come
from the oils extracted from different plants. The essential oils not only regularize the health of the body but also the mind of the individuals.

Aromatherapy is known to be an ancient method that aids in the energizing of the body, relieving of congestion as well as triggering of the human mind physically and psychologically. This method enhances the beauty of the individual. The physical application of the method involves the use of different essential oils that needs to be diluted with the help of carrier oils like grape seed oil, almond oil etc.

Aromatherapy is extremely beneficial for the body as it fights all the diseases of the body that range from cough and cold to headaches as well as rheumatism.

Aromatherapy is extremely popular for the treating of rheumatism; in fact, it is regarded as a rheumatoid arthritis new treatment. This method successfully helps to deal with cramped as well as sore muscles. Rheumatism is an ailment that leads to the pain and inflammation of the joints and muscles. Rheumatism is a recurrent ailment and gets extremely affected by the change of temperature.

Some of the essential oils that are useful in aromatherapy for the treatment of rheumatism are lavender, chamomile and rosemary. Mix a few drops of the essential oils with carrier oil. Now massage this oil into the skin of the patient suffering from the ailment. It helps to deal with the pain and inflammation caused from the disease.

Another way of treating rheumatism is by adding ten drops of the essential oil to the bath water and soaking the area where rheumatism has occurred. It helps to treat and cure the ailment but the process needs to be carried out unless the inflammation and the pain disappear. It should be noted that if the area of the ailment is already inflamed and swollen, massaging should not be done as it can cause harm, on the contrary.