Safe birth control remedies

Since ancient times, a number of remedies have been used to prevent pregnancies. Considering the explosion of population, rising inflation and shortage of resources, more and more families are resorting to the control of births so that they can have one or two children as per their convenience. Birth control remedies have become popular in the present world. It is also a fact that there are various types of birth control remedies and not all such remedies are safe. To ensure a good life, safe and healthy birth control remedies are to be considered.

Family planning: Family planning refers to the natural and artificial methods of controlling the birth of children that in turn helps in the controlling of the size of the family. Family planning tools helps in checking conception and thereby diminish the danger of pregnancy and the hassles of abortion. Family plan directly affects a woman’s health in a good way as it can avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Condoms: Use of condoms not only helps in preventing and controlling the births but also helps in protecting against many sexually transmitted diseases. They are the best and safest way of protecting oneself from STDs and AIDS and are rampantly used for preventing pregnancies.

Vitamin C: This vitamin is extremely helpful in preventing pregnancies and has the ability to start off the periods which are supposed to be delayed by a day or two. Intake of 1500 mg of vitamin C twice daily for three days following unprotected intimacy can be used as a means for controlling the birth of children. However intake of vitamin C in the first month of pregnancy can lead to miscarriage and could lead to a number of complications. Miscarriage at home is dangerous for the health of the mother.

Cotton root bark and blue cohosh: The mixture of cotton root bark and blue cohosh in the form of tea infusions works by loosening mucus thereby restricting the implantations. One must start drinking the tea a day prior to the menstruation and continue for the next ten-eleven days. This natural way has a success rate of about 60 to 80 percent for the first six days but drops to about 20 percent in the remaining four to five days.

Wild carrot seeds: The use of wild carrot seeds dates back to 5th century B.C. when these were used naturally to prevent pregnancies. However, these seeds are very difficult to find in the common stores but can be purchased online. One can chew these seeds either dry or by grinding these seeds and soaking a teaspoon in water and then drinking plenty of water.