Safety Tips to Follow in Summer in Order to be Healthy

Summer is the time for beach parties, hanging out at the pool and taking vacations. Whatever the case may be you need to follow certain safety tips for your body, skin and hair to keep you safe and ensure that you enjoy the blissful sun in all it’s splendor.

Remember, these are the months that the sun is scorching hot and you must take care to keep your skin and hair safe. You must also make sure that your body is well protected.

Start off with increasing the amount of water you drink. During this season you tend to lose water from your body in the form of perspiration. You are also losing sodium and hence you need to replace these elements in your body. Drink a healthy amount of water and having a glass or two every hour will be good practice to maintain your hydration levels. In order to avoid a heat stroke when you are outdoors always keep a bottle of water handy with you and keep sipping the water at regular intervals. Drink water even if you are not thirsty. Drinking Vitamin C drinks are a good option as well.

You must care for your skin and protect it from the harsh rays of the sun in order to avoid premature aging in the form of age spots, freckles, wrinkles and fie lines. The sun can also burn your skin and cause an unwanted tan. Thus, you must wear a healthy amount of sunscreen lotion on your entire body and pay keen attention to the areas that are exposed to the sun. You must also wear sun glasses to protect your eyes and keep your hair well conditioned as the wind and dry air will strip moisture from it leaving your hair dry and lifeless.

Avoid wearing synthetic fibers for your summer clothing. Choose cotton instead in lighter hues and pastel shades as they help your skin to breathe and avoid suffocating you.