Say Goodbye To Cold And Cough

These days you can find a number of adults and children suffering from common cold and cough as the winters are approaching nearer. It is a common problem of the regions which are extreme cold. Low immunity is considered to be one of the major reasons for the cold. However, exposure to severe cold, consumption of cold substances including cold drinks and consumption of certain fruits during winter season can also lead to this problem. Mild fever, nasal discharge, mild pain in the body, cough etc. are the main symptoms of common cold. Chest congestion and in some case stiffness in breathing can also be symptoms of cold.

A little protection from cold may avoid common cold. There are a number of simple and easy home based herbal remedies for treatment of common cold. Avoid exposure to extreme cold. If you have to go out in cold, take proper protection from the cold. Ensure that your feet, head and other part of the body are properly covered. You should avoid cold refrigerated foods and other substances during cold. This may grow the symptoms. Instead of taking cold substances, you can go for hot drinks, especially those which are home made.

If your child is suffering from cold, you can follow a simple remedy for the treatment. Take a spoonful of honey and mix it with ginger juice and give it to your child while going to bed in the night. He will certainly get relief from cold and will enjoy a good sleep in the night. Indian Ayurveda describes the reason for cold as Kaphadosha and a regular use of Ayurveda based chawanprash is very help in avoiding a number of common ailments including cold and cough. A message of warm ghee in chest and back of the child before going to sleep is also very helpful in treatment of cold and cough. It will reduce the congestion and will ease the breathing.

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