Scabies Treatment – Natural Effective Solutions

Scabies Treatment

Scabies are a type of skin disease that can be extremely itchy and contagious. This skin ailment is usually caused by mites who are also known as Sarcoptes scabieri. These mites are extremely minute and are in fact unseen to the human eyes. One can get scabies through physical or sexual contact with those persons who are already having the ailment.

Scabies can live outside the body for a very short period and hence one can rarely contact scabies through towels, bed covers, clothing etc. But scabies can spread from a child to the parent or a parent to the child when the child is being held by the parents. The first and foremost symptom of scabies is the itching of the area with the itching getting awful and terrible at night. Besides this, red itchy rashes in different parts of the body, scratching, small blisters, pimples, red bumps etc are some of the different symptoms of scabies. There are a lot of natural yet solutions to the scabies:



Sauna is extremely helpful way of getting rid of the scabies. The dry heat that is given to the sufferer at the time of sauna benefits the patient by killing the mites. It would be even better if some amount of orange oil is added at the time of sauna. The oil would help by disinfecting and cleansing the skin as well as in killing the mites.

Physical contact


Physical contact is one of the ways of spreading of scabies. In order to avoid contacting scabies, the individuals need to avoid direct physical contact with the sufferer. The persons should avoid using their bedding and clothing as well as there are certain chances of contacting mites through their belongings.

Onion juice


Take one-two onions as per the requirement and mash it. Now take out the juice from the mashed onion. Mix some amount of sea salt with this juice and apply it on to the affected area of the body. This is known to be a valuable remedy for scabies.

Maintenance of good hygiene, every day baths, wearing of clean clothing and repeated hand washes are some of the ways of treating and avoiding scabies.