Scabies Treatment – Vital Natural Cures

Scabies is a type of skin disease that is extremely contagious and transmittable in nature. This is caused by a kind of mite that is awfully small in size. The mite that causes scabies among the human beings is known as Sarcoptes scabiei. It is a parasitic organism that completes its entire life cycle in the body of the human beings.

Itchy skin, red rash, scabies burrows usually viewed as red bumps or blisters on skin surface, etc. are some of the symptoms of human scabies. Scabies are caused from lengthened skin to skin contact and are usually caused to the sexual partners or household members of the affected persons. However, scabies can be treated naturally and here are some of the ways of treating scabies:


Take a shower as warm as one can stand it. The shower must be taken particularly in the affected area of the skin. Now turn the hot shower off and take chilled shower as long as possible. The scabies mites cannot withstand this sudden shift of temperature and die out immediately. However, one must make sure that he does not burn himself while carrying on the treatment. It is an effective way of treating scabies and the treatment needs to be carried out at least twice so as to ensure that all the mites have died.


Diet is considered as an effective and helpful way of getting rid of scabies. The sufferer must make sure to include garlic and onion as a part of his daily diet. Both onion and garlic are well known for their antibacterial as well as anti-parasitic properties and hence are extremely useful for the treating of scabies. Junk food should be totally avoided while healthy foods should be essentially consumed.

Drumstick leaves:

Extract the juice from about 500 grams of drumstick leaves and boil it along with the oil extracted from sesame seed. Cool the solution and apply it on to the skin affected by scabies rashes. The anti microbial properties of the solution will kill the mites and free the affected individual of scabies.

Apricot leaves:

Take some amount of apricot leaves and extract the juice from it. Now apply the juice on the affected area. It can successfully kill the scabies mites.

Lavender oil:

Pure lavender oil is extremely useful for the treating of scabies. Take some amount of lavender oil and mix it with some amount of alcohol. Then this mixture has to be applied on the affected area. Care must be taken so that enough of oil penetrates deep inside the skin and saturates it. This method has been found to work successfully for the killing of mites as well as their eggs.

Neem leaves:

Take some neem leaves (fresh/ dried) and make it a paste. Now add an equal amount of turmeric powder and mustard oil to the paste. Apply this paste to the affected areas and allow it to remain on the body for about an hour. After that the person needs to take bath. The process has to be repeated for 7-10 days.