SCURVY: Causes and its Treatments

Scurvy is possibly, the oldest known deficiency disease. This disease widespread among children and is often incorrect for rickets and paralysis. It arises because of lack of vitamin C. There are various causes of scurvy like deficiency of vitamin C or ascorbic acid, stress etc. Also insufficient intakes of fruits and vegetables can lead to this cause.

There are various home remedies of scurvy which are very useful in curing this cause:

Indian gooseberry:
The Indian gooseberry or  Amla is one of the good effective home remedies for scurvy as it is the richest source of vitamin C. it should be taken with sugar and milk everyday.

Lime and lemon:
The juice of lime and lemon has been well proven for healing the state of scurvy. It should be taken in a glass of water with a teaspoon of honey.

Mango powder:
Another efficient remedy for scurvy is the use of mango powder i.e.  aamchur  as it is very beneficial for healing this cause.

Potato :
Potato is also considered as a good home remedy for scurvy treatment as 17mg of vitamin C is founded in 100mg of potatoes.

Jaundice berry:
It is the most precious herbal remedy for scurvy.