Self Care And Home Remedies For Irregular Periods


Irregular periods is a very common problem amongst women; around 30% women suffer from irregular menstrual cycle. First let us know what is irregular periods or menstrual cycle; it is abnormal more or very less bleeding during periods or, very early or late onset of periods.

Some women also suffer from continuous periods for a month or so or they miss their periods sometimes and sometimes they have two periods cycle simultaneously. All these are forms of irregularities in periods.In order to find out whether we are having irregular periods or not we need to know what regular periods are.


Regular periods are the ones which follow a regular cycle that is they arrive once in a month and follow a regular ovulation cycle of 23 to 35 days and the time span of period flow should be between 3 to 7 days.

Anything more or less than these conditions causes irregularities and we need to deal with it properly. However missing a period due to pregnancy is perfectly normal or irregular periods after pregnancy is also normal. But when it is a normal feature to miss periods or if there is heavy bleeding  then you need to check for irregular periods.

Causes Of  Irregular Periods

The most common cause of missing periods is Pregnancy; if a woman misses her period and for 6 weeks there is no menstrual flow then she should get herself checked for pregnancy. Losing or gaining excess weight might also cause abnormal menstrual flow.

Too much of exercise is also another reason for irregular menstrual cycle. The production of adrenaline hormone during physical activity can also disrupt your normal menstrual cycle.


Nutritional deficiency or improper diet can cause hormonal imbalance which will also result in irregular menstrual flow. Changing the birth control pill changes the level of estrogens hormone and that can also cause irregular period. If you have an Intra Uterine Device inserted it might also cause some amount of bleeding. Some drugs like blood thinners might cause irregular periods.

improper diet

Ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage can also lead to abnormal menstrual cycle. Uterine Infections like pelvic inflammation, uterine fibroids, polyps or cysts or bleeding disorders can also cause irregular periods. Women approaching menopause also experience the problem of irregular periods. Self Care for Irregular Periods.


Try reducing the stress levels and visit some cool and calm place. Relaxing and meditating can help you in bringing back regularity in your periods. Few dietary changes and healthy foods can also help in making your periods regular

Do not eat packaged or stale or decayed foods as they have preservatives in large amounts, this will also help. Spicy and junk and fast foods also contribute in making your menstrual cycle irregular, so avoid eating them.


Do not over exert yourself by exercising too much. Regular exercise is good to keep you fit and healthy, but too much is also bad as it might cause irregular periods. So avoid doing too much of exercise. Regular exercise keeps your body temperature normal and thus keeping your menstrual cycle normal.


Eating disorders or Anorexia or Bulimia needs to be treated first if you suffer from any of these to check your periods. Any kind of white discharge or vaginal infection should be consulted with a gynaecologist as soon as possible. Always try to maintain a record of your menstrual cycle or any other bleeding which occurs. Keep a record of starting and end date of menstrual cycle, the amount of blood flow during the periods. Keep records of any bleeding after sex or between the periods?


Tampons or sanitary pads should be changed regularly whenever needed to avoid any infection. Avoid taking Aspirin to reduce menstrual cramps instead take Ibuprofen; it reduces the blood flow during menstrual cycle. During the last week of menstrual cycle foods causing constipation should not be taken. Avoid eating protein rich pulses, fried foods and sour foods during the time of your periods.

tampons pads

Avoid smoking if you are suffering from any type of menstrual disorder. All these dietary changes and change in lifestyle do help in regularising the periods cycle , but if it does not happen over a long time then it is time that you visit a good gynaecologist to get yourself treated for this problem.

avoid smoking

Yoga Asanas For Irregular Periods

Kamal Asana or The Lotus Pose
Vajra Asana
Sarvaang Asana
All these asana help in making the menstrual cycle normal if done regularly and release all the stress from your body.


Home Remedies To Check Irregular Periods

For the treatment of irregular periods PARSLEY (ajmoda) is very effective and useful for the women who have either sore or no menstrual flow. Parsley helps in contracting the uterine muscles and causing menstruation and resulting in regular blood flow during the menstrual cycle.


Garlic and honey are very effective in curing irregular periods. Ginger is the best cure for menstruation problems. Take a small piece of ginger pound it and boil it in a cup of water. When reduced to half cool it and drink it warm three times in a day after meals. This is an effective remedy to cure menstrual problems.


Coriander seeds are an effective remedy to cure heavy flow during menstrual cycle. Take 6 grams of coriander seeds and boil them in half litre of water and boil till the water is reduced to half. Let it cool and drink it regularly to cure excessive bleeding. Dried ginger (saunth) mixed with carrot seeds is also an effective natural remedy to cure irregular periods.


Juice of Beetroot taken two times in a day 60-90 grams in one go also helps in treating menstruation troubles. To reduce menstrual pains take some sesame seeds and add in a glass of water and drink it two times in a day. Papaya is an efficient and irregular period’s treatment. Eating raw papaya regularises periods in women who have less or scanty blood flow during periods. It also cures the menstrual cramps by maintaining good blood flow to the uterine muscles.

Thus by following a regular lifestyle and taking care of yourself you can easily cure irregular periods on your own.

beetroot juice