Self Care Tips For Cure Of Vaginal Dryness

There could be various reasons that can cause vaginal dryness and this could cause a lot of issues. You end up feeling uncomfortable and itchy, sexual intercourse can become painful or you could end up with an infection.

vaginal dryness

The natural way, in which a woman’s body is made, the vagina is supposed to be moist and has its own mechanism to keep it that way. But there are times when you need to use some kind of a lubricant to help with the dryness. If this is a one time occurrence, there probably is nothing to worry about, but if this keeps happening consult your doctor as it could be something serious and might require medical attention.

Tips For Cure Of Vaginal Dryness

Try drinking a lot of water or other fluids like tender coconut water. You could be dehydrated from within and this is the easiest solution to help your condition. Try doubling the amount of water that you normally drink. Plus if you are someone who drinks a lot of coffee or consumes alcohol, try reducing the intake as this dehydrates you. Otherwise, try drinking even more water.

drink water

Lack of estrogen in post menopausal women can also cause dryness. Look for foods which are a natural source of estrogen. Try eating boiled soy bean. Be careful not to overdo this. A fistful of soybean can be consumed once a day.

Almond oil also is a good source of estrogen, try adding around 12 almonds to your daily diet, they are also rich in vitamin E. Almond oil can also be rubbed against the vaginal walls to provide external lubrication. Other herbal oils are also available to help in external lubrication. There are a few over the counter vaginal lubricating creams available. You could use one for a few days to see if this helps you.

almond oil

Adding foods to your daily diet which are rich in natural oils such as walnuts or flax seeds is a good idea. Any kind of an ailment is best treated from within by altering your food habits.


There are many asanas or poses in yoga which can help you with the situation. Look for guidance from a trained teacher to help you.If the condition doesn’t get better within a few days make sure you medical advice.