8 Tips To Cure Sleep Disorder Naturally


Now a days a new disorder has been introduced in our life that is sleep disorder. It has become the companion of almost all modern people. In medical term it is called insomnia. In this disorder people feel difficulty in falling asleep and they remain awake at night most of the time. People with insomnia or sleep disorder have several symptoms.

Tips To Cure Sleep Disorder Naturally

Some people finds to it difficult to sleep at the first hour of the night, some wake up several times in the middle of their sleep and, find it difficult to go back to sleep. Some people with sleep disorder wake up very early in the morning. The result of this sleep disorder is sleepiness during the day accompanied by, fatigue and tiredness. They loose their natural ability of doing work. They remain irritable all the time and suffer from loss of memory. Sleep disorder or insomnia is not at all a fatal disease but it hampers our daily life. This article will help you to overcome this disorder and to get back the normal life.

Causes of Sleep Disorder

There are several causes that play behind insomnia. Severe work pressure in your workplace, anxiety or tension may make you awake. Sometimes prolonged illness destroys your natural sleep habit.  Some times the side effects of certain medication gear up the problem of sleeping disorder. Some temporary factors such as hot and humid weather, extreme hot or extreme cold, noise, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, etc. may create temporary sleeping disorder. You can cure or prevent the insomnia or sleeping disorder problem with little care. Depending of the cause of this disorder, you have to find out the solution method.

Stress And Tension

Wake up Early and Do Exercise

You will not feel asleep if you are not fit completely. So to make your body healthy, wake up early. After spending a sleepless night you may feel it difficult to wake up in the morning because at that time your body may want some rest and sleep. Ignore that call and go for a walk. Walking in the fresh air in the morning will make you healthy. Breathe deeply to take oxygen. Doing freehand exercise will make your body tired. Feeling tired is necessary to make your body sleepy. Exercise also helps in blood circulation in the whole body. Blood carries oxygen to different organs and makes them able to do their function properly.

Regular Exercise


Swimming is a good exercise and it benefits you in different ways. After coming back home you may go to swimming to release stress and strain of the whole day. It also improves your cardiovascular system and improves your breathing system. All these things help you to get a deep sleep at night.


Yoga, Meditation, Music and Books

Practice yoga and meditation in the evening, before going to bed and taking the dinner. Yoga helps to make you fit and cure snoring problem which is one of the causes of sleep disorder. Meditation helps to improve your concentration. Meditation also helps to release stress and make your nerve cool. So practice meditation at least for 15 minutes every evening. Before going to bed practice reading a book or listen to music. But choice of the book and the music is very important.

Choose romantic types of books or sweet poetry for reading. Instead of that if you choose the horror or thriller type of book, it will make your nerve active and you will spend a sleepless night. Do not watch television at night before going to the bed because it also helps to agitate your nerve. Listen soft music, keeping the light off while you are on bed. Soft instrumental type of music and lullaby helps to bring sleep.


Calm and Quiet Bedroom

Your bed room plays an important role to bring sleep. It should be noiseless and comfortable. Do not use very bright color for your bedroom wall, for curtain, bedcover and bed sheet. Choose soothing colors such as light pink, beige, light blue, light yellow for them. Do not use complicated patterned cloth for the bed sheet, and curtain. Use neutral and soothing color carpet for your bedroom.

Calm bedroom

Avoid Daytime Sleep

Avoid sleeping at day time. If you have sleep disorder you surely feel sleepy at other time of the day. Ignore that.  Protect your sleep only for the night. If you practice sleeping at anytime, you will not be able to sleep at night. Afternoon nap is completely no to the people who suffers from insomnia.

Day Time Sleeping

Light Diet

Diet plays an important role to get sleep. Eat very light especially at night. If you eat too much oil, spice and animal protein before going to bed it may hamper your sleep because all these things take a long time to get digested. Moreover these types of food make your body hot. You may feel uncomfortable at night when it is the time for sleep. Stay away from junk food because it is not easy to digest. If you are a patient of insomnia try to take liquid types of food such as fruit juice, vegetable juice, soups, etc.

Fruit juices

Drink enough water to keep your body cool. One home remedy is very effective to bring your sleep instantly. Soak some anise in a cup of water overnight. Mix a table spoon of sugar in it. Keep the mixture in refrigerator to make it cool and then drink it. If you feel uncomfortable physically, you will have a disturbed sleep. Stay away from drinking tea or coffee at night because these things helps to stimulate your nerve and keeps you awake at night. Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke especially at night time. Try to take your food at least an hour before going to bed.


Bathe Properly

Bathe properly to remove heat from your body. People, who live in hot and humid weather, should take at least two baths daily and one obviously before going to bed. Use soothing fragrance at night bath water. The fragrance will keep your body refreshed. Sweat fragrance helps to calm down your nerve.

Practice everything religiously and it will surely cure your sleep disorder within very short period.