Seven Effective Natural Cures For Cataract

Seven Effective Natural Cures For Cataract

Seven Effective Natural Cures For Cataract Issues pertaining to visual receptors need to be taken care of as eye happens to be the most vital of all our sense organs. The conditions related to cataract can vary with age and can be effectively addressed by resorting to effective natural aids.

There are diet based techniques which alongside some viable natural herbs can enhance the vision of the concerned patient without having him or her go for surgical removals.

Best Natural Cures For Cataract

Using Blossoms

Extracting the juice of the red blossom and using it for the eyes can be highly beneficial. The application procedure remains simple as two parts of the juice needs to be added with sufficient amounts of honey.

Red Blossom Juice

The concentration needs to be applied by smearing it over the eyelids sufficiently across the day. This solution can also be used as eye drops providing great visual relief to the spores.

Effective Resin

This comes as a natural treatment and involves drops of white fir based resin before bed time. Initial burning sensation may occur with the eyes reacting naturally to the process.

Using Eyebright Herbs

This natural herb is known to have magical effects on patient suffering from cataract and other eye based ailments. Squashed herbs need to be added with boiling water and the processed tincture needs to be cooled down considerably. The final solution needs to be decanted and compressed adequately over the entire day.

Eyebright Herbs

The compress needs to last on the eye surface for considerable periods allowing the solution to work and have its effect. The decoction can be taken internally as a supplement thrice a day to show added benefits. The eyebright herbs can be applied even in the powdered form to the eyes for better results.

Positive Effects Of Rosemary

The rosemary herb needs to be burned and need to be applied on the affected area mixed with honey. Using this remedy before bed time can lead to magical results altogether. Alongside this decoction pertaining to chamomile and enema needs to be continued over the entire week.

Using Celandine

This herb needs to be used in the form of a juice thoroughly mixed with honey. The solution needs to be heated for sometime till the scum appears which is to be applied on the eyelids.


The paste form needs to be continued for long in order to be effective. Alongside, compresses of hot water can also be used mainly for obese individuals. Washing the eyes with foam can also be beneficial as a natural therapy.

Using Vitamins

Vitamin C, A and E are known to have noted effects on the proper conditioning of the eye. They provide the required antioxidants which have a healing influence on cataract based disorders.


Using Acerola cherry and its extract has a curing influence on the issues related to myriad eye based disorders including cataract.

Eye Exercises

Known to provide great relief, this comprises of circular movements of eyeballs to enhance the work on the affected area. Acting on these eye muscles can help in improving the conditions associated with cataract.

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