7 Excellent Home Remedies For Cold


7 Home Remedies For Cold

Cold is a very common illness and we irrespective of age suffer from that very often. Causes of common cold can be many – viral, allergic, contact with already infected people, menstrual cycle, exposure in rain and humid cold weather and many things.

But you can treat it with simple things that are easily available in your kitchen. Go through the article and you will get number of such types of natural cure.

Seven Excellent Home Remedies For Cold

Butter And Milk

Take half cup hot milk. Take a teaspoon of butter. Mix it well in the milk. Drink that milk before going to bed and do not eat or drink anything cold after that.This treatment is very effective to cure cold.

Butter And Milk For Cold

Turmeric, Pepper Powder And Milk

Take ½ inch raw turmeric. Peel it and make a smooth paste. Grind 2-3 black pepper seed.

Mix that turmeric paste and freshly ground black pepper in half cup warm milk. Drink this milk once or twice everyday. Within 2-3 days you will get relief.

Turmeric, Pepper Powder And Milk For Cold

Honey And Basil Paste

The combination of Honey and Basil paste is very effective to cure cold within few days. Take some fresh basil leaves. Wash properly and smash them. Mix a teaspoon of honey in it.

Eat it twice daily – once in the morning if possible at empty stomach and once in the afternoon. This treatment is effective especially for old cold relief.

Honey And Basil Paste For Cold

Honey And Ginger

Make juliennes of ginger. Chew it accompanied with a teaspoon of honey. Practice this method once at anytime of day.If you cough constantly, practice this method at night before going to sleep and do not drink water after taking this natural medicine. Honey here works like natural expectorant and helps to stop coughing.

Honey And Ginger For Cold

Black Cumin, Black Pepper And Garlic

Take a tea spoon of black cumin, 5-6 black pepper seed and 6-7 cloves of garlic. Heat a tablespoon of mustard oil in a pan and fry all those things.Remove them from pan and grind them into paste. Eat that paste with hot rice. This is effective especially when you have pain allover your body due to cold.

Black Cumin, Black Pepper And Garlic For Cold

Garlic And Cabbage Soup

Garlic and cabbage soup is excellent when you have runny nose. Chop cabbage properly. Mince garlic. In a bowl boil water cabbage and garlic together for 10-15 minutes. Do not use oil. Instead of that you may use little amount of butter.

Sprinkle freshly ground black pepper over the soup in the time of eating. Take it hot 2-3 times of day. It is very effective especially when you have runny nose. You will feel comfort while drinking the hot soup.

Garlic And Cabbage Soup For Cold

How to Cure Cold and Cough
Remedies for Common Cold

Mustard Paste And Mustard Oil

Wash mustard seed very well and make a smooth paste. Mix a table spoon of mustard oil with mustard paste. Add pinch of sugar and salt to taste. Keep that paste in a tightly closed container. 10 minutes before eating it, place that container on hot water. Eat this paste with steamed rice. This is effective when you have blocked nose. The pungent smell of mustard helps to clear the stuffy nose.So there are various processes to cure common cold naturally. The products that have been used here are easily available and the process is very easy. So that everyone can practice this.

Mustard Paste And Mustard Oil For Cold