Severe Neck Pain Remedies

Neck Pain

There are several situations that bring about severe neck pain. An accident, bad posture, pregnancy, standing all day, uncomfortable shoes and menstrual time lines are some of the main causes of back pain. In certain cases like accidents the pain may be severe and unbearable. In these cases it is best if you visit a doctor to find out what is the best resolution for you. There are several home remedies that you can try as well to help you to be more comfortable.


If the pain is due to an accident then you are most likely to suffer with acute back and neck pain for a prolonged period of time. In this case you must first speak with your doctor about what is the best way you can relieve the stress and pain that you are going through. Using a hot compress on the area will help to soothe aching muscles in the case of a muscle pull; however it can be dangerous in the case of a torn ligament. In the case of the later; you must use a cold compress. Ice is a natural anesthetic and is extremely safe to use on sore muscles.

Devil’s claw

An herbal remedy that will help to ease the stress is Devil’s claw. This herb helps to ease the aches that are caused due to muscle spasms and any sort of muscular inflammation. In this case you must boil 600 to 1100 mgs of the herb and brew it to form a tea. Drink the tea 3 to 4 times a day in order to get instant relief.


A qualified chiropractor can also help to ease your discomfort. If the pain is due to any issues with the spinal alignment then this is your best solution. Not only will a few sessions help to ease your discomfort; it will also improve your overall health. The treatment helps to realign the entire spine by moving the vertebrae gently back into its original position. This form of treatment is handy when you suffer from a dislocation of the vertebrae.