Sex health benefits – good for heart patients

Health and sex go hand in hand. According to many researchers all over the world, both health and sex are quite linked to each other. As we commence exercise in order to burn calories and keep ourselves healthy, so also, sex is a way to exercise ourselves and burn the calories.

Hence, regular sex provides us with a bouquet of health benefits, the vital being a healthy heart. It not only enhances our physical well being but also our psychological happiness. It also provides with a massive role in warding off budding diseases or ailments.

This adoring and cherished bond provides us with numerous health benefits like reduction of stress, burning of calories, enhancement of self esteem, sleep and immunity, reducing the risk of prostrate cancer, lessening pain caused from arthritis, headaches, PMS and so on, strengthens muscles as well as improves the cardiovascular health.

According to some neuropsychologist, regular sex, in effect, slows down the aging process. It adds a feeling of security in the relationship which in turn makes us feel happier, lead to a better health and look much younger. This intimacy plays a key role in a beautiful sexual relationship that produces just the opposite effect of the sense of anxiety and fear. Like exercise, sex releases the endorphin hormones that diminish the level of pain and contribute to the runner’s high.

Over the ages, people were of the notion that people having heart problems should avoid sex as it might threaten the stability of the heart and cause heart attacks. However, this is completely baseless and is just the opposite of our prevalent notion. Actually regular sex is like having a daily exercise and has similar health benefits like lowering of cholesterol level, increased blood circulation among the individuals and having sex at least twice in a week reduces the chances of fatal heart attacks by halves in men. This is in assessment to those who have much less sex.

Hence for the betterment of mind, soul, overall body and heart in particular, one must make the most out of sex health benefits.