Side Effects of Pain Killers

Pain Killers

Pain killers are used as a prescribed mediation in several cases while a range of them are available over the counter as well. Many people have a tendency to pop pills without prescription. This can be extremely dangerous and can also lead to dependency. Constipation and sickness are common side effects.


The most likely side effects when you first start taking the drugs would range from increase in appetite, indigestion and insomnia. This is particularly true if you are taking steroids. If you continue with it you will notice swelling on the hands, feet and eyelids. You will also notice that you are putting on weight rapidly. This is due to water retention in your body. Other side effects include raised blood pressure, increased risk of infection, raised blood sugar and sugar in the urine. Some drugs can even cause ulcers or reduce your blood clotting power.

Anti epileptic drugs that are used to prevent seizures have side effects too. They cause decrease of appetite, drowsiness and difficulty in sleeping.

Dry Mouth

Anti depressants cause dryness of the mouth, increase or decrease of appetite, change in sleep patterns and drowsiness.

If you feel symptoms such as hallucinations, shaking, muscle twitching, jerking or pain all over your body then there is a possibility that the dosage that has been prescribed is too high for you and your body is having a negative reaction to the medication.

What can you do?

Fru Juices

If you feel that the prescribed medication is having an adverse effect on you then you must inform your doctor immediately. He may need to change the prescription or lower the dosage. In the mean while you must keep your body well hydrated. Drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices. Increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Keep moving around as much as you can do that the drugs wear off.