Simple Health Tips for Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman may have to face various health complications during the critical days of pregnancy. These complications in some cases become very complex and lead to the miserable situation like miscarriage.


However, there are simple natural and home based tips which can avoid these complications and a woman can enjoy a healthy pregnancy and later can give birth to a healthy baby. The important issue which a woman has to consider during her pregnancy include diet, body weight, taking nutritional supplements, a regular and sensible exercise, consumption of alcoholic drinks, smoking, taking contraceptive pill before becoming pregnant, sex during pregnancy, stress management, house and garden for house wife and ovulation.

Simple Health Tips for Pregnant Women

The requirement of nutrients to the body increase suddenly when a woman becomes pregnant and it becomes quite difficult to obtain these nutrients from food only. Hence, it is important to take nutritional supplements during pregnancy. You should consult your doctor in this regard. In take of iron, folic acid, vitamin B complex, fresh fruits and vegetables etc is very helpful for a proper supply of necessary nutrients to the body.


Taking proper diet and avoiding unhealthy food is desirable during pregnancy. A diet rich in vitamin B, C and E is very helpful during pregnancy. Keep weight of your body under control because obesity leads to various health complications. If you feel, you can go for a weight loss program under supervision of an expert. Going for a moderately strenuous exercise, at least five days a week can be very helpful for a healthy pregnancy.


You should take all necessary safety precautions while at work. Occupation while involve exposure to chemicals, industrial or textile dust, harmful radiations may have a direct impact on you newly conceived baby. Hence safety precautions in such cases become very important. An ovulation prediction kit may help you to find out the time of ovulation. It will help you to determine the days when you can go for a sexual intercourse.

ovulation kit

 If you take contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy, you must stop taking these at least 90 days before you want to get pregnant. Otherwise these pills can have an adverse effect on your pregnancy and in some cases they can be harmful for the baby too.


Take safety precautions while working at home or in the garden. If you take alcoholic drink you should avoid drinking during pregnancy. Similarly smoking must be avoiding during pregnancy. In case you are suffering from stress, it can affect your pregnancy and therefore you are advised to go for a stress management program. In some cases stress can become a reason for the infertility.