Simple Home Remedies for Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is caused by the microorganism tubercle bacillus. It is very serious kind of illness because if not treated in time it can lead to fatal consequences. The germ tubercle bacillus causing this disease enters into the body through the windpipe, nose and mouth and stays down in the lungs. This germ here gets multiplied by millions.

The main parts affected due to tuberculosis are the glands, bones, intestines and lungs. Fatigue and lack of concentration are main symptoms of this disease. Symptoms like decrease in body energy level and decrease in weight are also observed in tuberculosis. Persistent coughing, accompanied with stiffness in breathing, increase in temperature and mild body pain, is a common symptom of this disease. Other symptoms may include heartburn, hoarseness, blood in the sputum and pain the shoulder.

A weak immune system is the primary cause of tuberculosis. And therefore, the things which can make the immune system power are good for reducing symptoms. Intake of food which is low in vitamins, protein and other important nutrients for a long term can lead to the problem of tuberculosis. The factors like lack of sleep, life with no or little physical activity, excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol, unhealthy life style etc can also lead to the problem of tuberculosis.

Consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits and foods which are rich in protein are very effective in tuberculosis. Tuberculosis patients should avoid unhealthy foods like refined cereals, tinned and sealed foods and fast food. Custard apple is very effective in treatment of tuberculosis. It is a very common and helpful remedy for tuberculosis.

The fermented liquor, sitaphalasava made from this is very effective for this disease. Take some custard apple pulp and about twenty seedless raisins, simmered it in water till about 70% of water gets vaporized, filter it, mix two teaspoonful of honey, small amount of cinnamon, cardamom and some other condiments. Take this on a regular basis, it will give a quick relief from the symptoms of tuberculosis.

Consumption of fruits like orange and banana is very helpful in tuberculosis. Banana juice is very effective in treatment of the tuberculosis. Vitamin C in orange is helpful in strengthening the immune system and hence it regular consumption keeps the diseases away. In case of complications, you are advised to consult a doctor.