9 Natural Cures To Flatulence


Flatulence or abdominal gas is produced due to either consumption of foods that are incompatible to the system, or due to the activity of intestinal bacteria. This problem can be really embarrassing especially when it happens in public.

Natural Cures To Flatulence

Here are a few simple and easy natural and home remedies to cure flatulence in a go.

How to Treat Flatulence Naturally

Chew Properly

Chewing properly is important. Especially if you aim at keeping your digestive system healthy. Chewing and grinding the food properly means your digestive system will take less effort to make sure all the food is properly digested. Avoid speaking while eating as more air tends to enter your digestive system as you talk, causing flatulence.


Go Tropical

Tropic fruits like papaya and pineapple are superb from curing flatulence and abdominal pain. These fruits are rich in enzymes that help the digestive system function smoothly, making you less prone to gastric ailments.

Tropical Fruits

Herbal Teas

Generally, herbal teas are known for their efficiency in weight loss. However, they also help a great deal in relieving digestive ailments.

Ginger tea, lemon tea, cardamom tea and mint tea are the best ones that calm down an aggravated digestive system, and aid healthy functioning.

Herbal teas

Yogurt Cure

Yogurt is rich with lactobacilli-the good bacteria, that strengthen the digestive system, and promotes healthy functioning of the digestive tract. Having just a spoonful of yogurt with every meal will definitely show a great improvement in curing digestive problems, including flatulence.


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Fennel seeds are an excellent remedy for all major stomach ailments including heartburn and flatulence. Make sure to include it in your diet for a healthy system. They work by speeding up your digestion process.


Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits re a good alternative to vitamin C tablets. They provide you the much needed vitamins without causing abdominal bloating and gas. Plus, they also add bulk to your stool and clean your system.

Citrus Fruit


Lemon is an excellent home remedy for relieving gas trouble. Just squeeze the juice of a lemon on your salad or add it to a glass of water with some sugar and salt. Lemon cleanses the system of all toxins and keeps digestive problems at bay.


Fiber Rich Foods

Constipated people are more likely to suffer from flatulence and other gastric problems. Adding more bulk to your stool is necessary, that means including more of fiber rich foods in your diet. Eat fresh and raw fruits and vegetables whenever possible and add whole grain foods to your diet. Keep your liquid intake high.

Fiber  Rich Food

Alternative Medicine Remedies

Ayurveda speaks of incompatibly among foods to be a reason for major illnesses. Check with an ayurvedic doctor to determine your body type and which foods are best suited to you. According to traditional Chinese medicine, imbalances among the body meridians cause digestive problems. Balance the energies by pressing on the acupressure points and get immediate relief from abdominal gas.

Also, yoga has many poses that expel out the gas and provide relief. Try them regularly to maintain a balance.