Simple Remedies For Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a respiratory disorder. Asthma can occur due to smoke, dust particles and nervous disorder. A patient can become fatigued and restless with increased heartbeat, accompanied with coughing, vomiting, profuse sweating and wheezing. Difficulty increases in exhaling severely at night. Reaction to food, weather, drugs, perfumes, or other irritants can be the reason for it.

Pollen, dust, insects and animal hair can also be a cause of asthma. Some people suffering from asthma are allergic to milk, eggs, pork or beans. Emotional tension and air pollution are also responsible for asthma. When air passes from the lungs, bronchial tubes get inflamed. Bronchial walls muscles tighten and cells of the lungs starts producing extra mucus which further narrow the airways. This can result in minor difficulty in breathing. Sometimes breathing can be too difficult that asthma attack can become life-threatening.

There are several measures for the natural cure of asthma. A good amount of fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet. Fruits such as apples, tomatoes, carrots and fruits rich in Vitamin C reduce the risk of asthma attack. Ginger juice mixed with fenugreek (methi) and honey act as an outstanding expectorant for asthma treatment. Meditation, yoga and regular walking are perfect relaxant. Neem seed oil can cure asthma permanently. If ten drops of neem seeds are added on betel leaf and eaten five times daily asthma can be cured within 3 months.

Another method for avoiding asthma attacks is to fast for some days and take honey with lemon juice and then way out to fruit diet and then finally to solid foods especially a lot of fresh fruits, germinated grains and vegetables. Avoid food like curds, rice, fried foods and sugar. In case of severe-attack take a cup of Luke-warm water in every 2 hours. Patient should chew the food properly and eat slowly. Honey when taken with water or milk reduces the mucous production and brings the relief. Food rich in Vitamin B 12 lessen the signs of asthma. Vitamin B12 pill is also a good way.