Simple Remedies For Depression

In the present time a considerable fraction of the population is suffering with depression of one or the other type. Most of the people are not even aware that depression is treatable.

Depression has many symptoms like tearfulness, anxiety, bad temper, and nervousness, loss in concentration, low frame of mind, thoughts of committing suicide, helplessness and guilt, waking early, tiredness, constipation and weight loss and many others. A person can feel sad consistently and started loosing interest in the things that they once enjoyed.

Causes of depression usually vary from one person to the other. Person who has faced some shock or severe illness for a long time can also develop this disorder. Depression can result out by physical or mental changes. It is more common in women as they are more sensitive and prone to it.

Natural cures for depression are becoming now more popular than conventional medicines to avoid harmful side-effects. A person suffering from depression should take dairy products with low fat. Intake of banana and turkey should be increased as it helps in improving mood.  Sugar intake should be reduced. Nutrition should be improved and person should go through psychotherapy. Proper food, herbal remedies and regular exercise are excellent methods to fight depression. A regular stretch out in fresh air daily for one hour improves energy level and sleep.

Exercise controls weight and improve physical health. It also improves self-esteem and helps a person in looking and feeling good. A person should drink more water and sleep properly. Taking medication or using aromatherapy can also be helpful. Essential Oils used in depression are rose, lavender and sandalwood.

A person in short of sunlight can also be in depression. Sufficient sunlight and interaction with nature is a natural cure for a person suffering with depression. Meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy are the other natural cures for depression. Talking to a good friend or counselor can be also helpful to bring a way out.