Simple Tips to Fight Insomnia

We all witness a few sleepless nights due to work pressure and deadlines, family stressors and everyday things. A few days tossing and turning is not much of an issue; the trouble arises when this is a daily fancy. Some people are unable to get a good night’s sleep even for a few hours despite the fact that their lives may be devoid of tension. Not being able to sleep causes the stress in this case.

If you are unable to sleep tossing around in your bed is not going to help. Get out of bed and figure out if there is a reason that is keeping you awake. Lying around in bed will bring weird thoughts to your head and cause you to get delirious.

Try doing a few stomach crunches or a few minutes of light jogging around the block. The fresh air may help you to sleep well for the next few hours. Read a book that may not be very interesting to you. This may help you to snooze.

If you are feeling anxious then try this relaxation technique. Sit on the floor with your back against the wall and your feet straight ahead. Breathe in and out gently till you begin to relax. You can play some soothing music as well to calm you down.

Draw yourself a warm bath and use some aromatic soothing oils like lavender in your bath water. The oils will calm your senses and help you to sleep. Take care not to fall asleep in the tub for fear of drowning.

Drinking a glass of warm milk with some cardamom powder in may help you to relax. Have a light snack if your body is demanding food; don’t have a midnight binge session though as it will keep you up longer. Eat a few figs or have a banana as a midnight snack. Stay away from ice cream.

Turn on the cooling or heating in your room and jump into bed the moment you start feeling sleepy.