Simple Tips To Help Prevent A Viral Infection

All of us go through some sort of viral fever or infection at least once in our life. Once the infection gets into the system, the only best way to get rid of it is to visit a doctor.In order to be able to prevent an infection, it is very important to be aware of its causes. Some viral infections can be transmitted via touch, others by air and some through water.

viral infection

When the virus enters your body, it starts damaging your cells and multiplies in number. The main reason for anyone to catch an infection is low immunity. It’s important to make yourself strong from within to able to prevent any infection. There are foods and supplements that can help you do this.

Tips To Prevent A Viral Infection

Vitamin C is naturally available in all citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts and bell peppers. Try eating a citrus fruit everyday, squeeze lime on your grilled meat or fish, or try adding bell peppers to your salad. Vitamin E is available in sunflower seeds, soy products, spinach, broccoli, extra virgin oils like olive oil, sesame seed oil, almonds and other nuts.

Vitamin C

Vitamin A is found in all red colored fruits and vegetables. There are different types of this vitamin like B1, B2, B6, B12 and so on. The combination of all of these is known as B complex. The different types of vitamin B can be found in whole wheat grains, egg yolks, leafy greens, berries and meat liver.

vitamin A

All of the above vitamins help increase the white blood corpuscles, which are the good cells that fight and kill the bad cells in our body. We’ve all learnt this in school.Check with your doctor if you can take a multivitamin or any other supplements everyday to help you get the benefits of all vitamins.

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Other important thing to keep in mind to prevent a viral infection is maintaining basic hygiene. Wash your hands after using the bathroom and especially public bathrooms. Avoid direct contact with the toilet seat in shared bathrooms. Wash your hands before eating or using any other shared services. If getting up to wash your hands every now and then is not possible, keep a hand sanitizer with you.

Ask for disposable cutlery and glasses wherever possible.Apart from this, if possible avoid direct contact with anyone who has a viral infection.