Simple Tips to Help you to Quit Smoking

Smoke and tobacco are silent killers. While they claim to give pleasure to people who regularly indulge in the acts they d very little for your health. Some of the common excuses that smokers state as the reasons for smoking are irregular bowel movements if they do not smoke, relaxation after a long day, easing stress after a particularly difficult day to name a few. However none of these have any evidence to back them up as reasons for smoking.

Tips to quit smoking

-First and fore most you need to figure out what leads you to light up regularly and eliminate that act if possible. Talk to yourself about the benefits of not smoking like improvement in health in the long run as well as better finances (you will be surprised with the amount of money you save when you stop smoking)

-Find another activity to substitute the act of smoking. Try chewing gum or chomping on vegetable sticks instead of lighting up a cigarette.

-Sign a mental contract with yourself and punish yourself if you break a contract. Talk to your friends about your desire to quit smoking; they will help you stay away from the butt when temptations are near.

-Reward yourself after a week of not smoking; something small like a bar of chocolate or a muffin.

-Use therapy tapes that help you to quit smoking. These are tape that you can use in your sleep and they help in most cases.

-If you are on the topic of quitting smoke then you need to want to do it. You can’t be forced or compelled into quitting. Do not stop if you fail, try all over again and motivate yourself to quit.

Remember that you can’t stop smoking all at once. You need to slow down gradually. Decrease your tobacco intake by 10% daily and eventually you will be able to kick the butt.