Simple Tips To Prevent Grey Hair

Grey hair is said to be a sign of wisdom and splendor and is supposed to be a crown which is to be worn with pride.Most people however prefer not to wear this crown and go to great lengths to cover their grey hair.

grey hair

Hair going grey is natural and it is bound to happen sooner or later. There is no way to stop or prevent hair from turning grey however there are a few things that one can do which would help avoid hair from going grey early in their life.

Simple Tips To Prevent Grey Hair

Avoid smoking as much as possible. In fact if possible you should kick the habit altogether and quit smoking as it is harmful and injurious not only to your own personal health but also to the health and well being off those who are around you when you smoke. Research and studies have also proved that smoking causes the body to age prematurely thus causing hair to go grey faster than normal. It is therefore advisable to stop smoking immediately and avoid going grey early.

avoid smoking

Stress has also been found to contribute significantly to going grey. In fact it is similar to smoking as it causes aging as well. The higher your stress levels are the faster you tend to age and this also causes premature graying of the hair. It is common to find even youngsters nowadays with a lot of grey hair which has been caused due to unnecessary stress.



Learn to relax and cope with your stress so as to avoid being affected by it both mentally and physically as well. The harm caused by stress on the body is irreversible therefore avoid getting stressed out. Exercise regularly as this helps combat stress and its effects. Meditation and practicing yoga are also great ways to help you control your stress and combat it.


Sometimes grey hair tends to arise due to mineral and nutrient deficiency in the body as well. This is caused primarily due to a deficiency in copper and can be easily corrected with the help of multi vitamin capsules. Apart from this make sure that your food and diet also contains copper in it as it is easier for the body to absorb it from food than from capsules.

Yams, Lima beans, turnips, spinach and most meats are rich in copper and should be consumed if you suffer from copper deficiency. Nuts and fruits also contain copper and should be had often.