Six Excellent Herbal Remedies For Hair


Hair is one of the main attraction items of women. A good volume of beautiful hair makes a woman beautiful, sexy and charming. But hair loss has become one of the major problems in modern lifestyles.


To overcome the hair loss problem, hair needs proper care. Herbal care is excellent. Moreover, these herbs are easily available and can be find at home. This article will inform you about these herbs and their uses.

Excellent Herbal Remedies For Hair


Among herbs the most popular herb that takes care of hair is perhaps henna. If you get henna leaves from your garden, pluck them. Grind them to paste and apply the paste on your hair. If you do not get fresh henna leaves then buy henna powder which is available in the market. Soak 1 or 2 tablespoons of henna in warm water. You may add yogurt and egg in the henna.

Make a smooth paste and apply it on your hair. Henna does lots of things to your hair. It keeps your head cool, prevents graying of hair, enhances the volume of hair, works as conditioner and removes excess oil from your hair. For this reason use henna at least once in week to get a beautiful hair.



Sage is excellent for hair. It darkens the gray hair. Boil some sage in water. Let it cool. Then strain the water. Massage this sage tea on your hair. It will help you to make your hair color dark from regular using.


Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are excellent for hair growth. It makes the growth of the hair faster. Boil some curry leaves in coconut oil and massage that oil everyday on your hair. You will get benefit.


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Fenugreek is an excellent herb for hair. It prevents hair loss and cures dandruff and other scalp infection within few days. Grind some fenugreek seeds and adds this in your hair oil.

Massage this oil everyday on your scalp. You will get benefit. Fenugreek herbs are also good. Grind some fenugreek leaves in a grinder and apply the paste on your scalp. You will get the same benefit.



Thyme is also excellent for herbs. If you have fresh thyme then grind them and apply the paste on your hair. But if you have dry thyme leaves soak them in water overnight and then wash your hair with this water. Thyme works as a conditioner and it enhance the shine of the hair.



Basil is an excellent herb that makes your hair black and saves your hair from different type of infections. Crush few fresh basil leaves and extract the juice. Massage the juice on your hair every day.

Basil juice helps to prevent graying of hair and both cure and prevent dandruff. Mix some yogurt with basil juice and apply this on your hair as a pack. Wait for an hour and then wash with water. It helps to boost up the health of the hair. Practice these remedies according to the instruction and soon get the benefit.