6 Excellent Home Remedies For Cough


6 Home Remedies For Cough

Cough can occur to anyone and at anytime. Cause of cough can be anything – humid weather, cold weather, moist weather, hot weather, rainy season and even ill digestion of food. You will get cough syrups over the counter but most of them contain a great amount of alcohol which makes you feel drowsy.

They, instead of removing cough dry it and let it accumulate on chest. The result is breathing trouble in the long run. For this reason, opt the natural path. There are some very effective home remedies of cough which makes you able to remove cough from your throat and chest and gives you a complete relief. This article will help you in this matter.

6 Excellent Home Remedies For Cough

Lemon, Honey And Warm Water

Lemon, Honey And Warm Water For Cough

Lemon helps to loosen and clear phlegm on the other hand honey is a natural expectorant. In a glass of warm water squeeze one lemon and add a tablespoon of honey. Mix everything and drink the water.

It will give you relief and will comfort irritated throat. Moreover, lemon juice supplies a good amount of vitamin C to your body and both cures and prevents your body from getting attacked by cough.


Ginger juice is excellent for cough. Again grate some fresh ginger and mix little amount of honey with it and drink it. You can also make ginger tea which is good for your cough.

Ginger For Cough

Basil Tea

Basil juice is excellent for curing cough within few days. Crush some fresh basil leaves and extract the juice. The basil juice has antiseptic, anti bacterial and antifungal properties which cures cough very effectively.

You can also make basil tea. To make it boil some basil leaves and dry basil fruits in water. Add blackpepepr, licorice in the water. Boil them also. At last add a little amount of molasses in the water. Molasses not only gives a sweet taste to water, it also supplies minerals and irons to your body and enhance your immunity power.

Basil Tea For Cough

Cinnamon And Honey

Grind cinnamon to fine powder. Add a few drops of honey in it. Lick it. Practice this method twice or thrice daily. You will get benefit.

Cinnamon And Honey For Cough

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Garlic Soup

Garlic is one of the best solutions of cough. It is an antibacterial and antiviral herb which helps your body to fight coughs, cold and flu. Use ample amount of garlic in every food. Garlic soup is good for cough.

Boil anything, cabbage, carrot, or chicken in water for a long time. Add salt and good amount of garlic to it. Drink it twice or thrice daily. Before drinking the soup be sure that the soup is hot enough. You will soon get rid of cough.

Garlic Soup For Cough

Milk And Butter

Take a cup of hot milk. Add a teaspoon of butter in it. Mix well. Sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper powder in the milk. Drink it hot especially at night before going to sleep.It will help you to clear phlegm from your throat and will soon cure your cough.

So, go through the article and follow these home remedies according to the tips. You will soon get rid of cough. But if the problem gets complicated, immediately visit a doctor.

Milk And Butter For Cough