6 Excellent Home Remedies For Dry Hair


6 Remedies For Dry Hair

Dry straw like hair is very odd to see. They are thin and rough and prone to split ends, tangles and damages. Causes of dry hair can be many – hereditary, malnutrition, excessive use of various chemicals, use of drier very often, washing your hair very often with hot water, side effects of medicine and many more things.

But you can easily take care of your dry hairwith various common home products. This article will give you easy information on the right care of dry hair.

Six Excellent Home Remedies For Dry Hair

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Mild shampoo

The primary stage to get rid of dry hair is prevention. Do not use those things that make your hair dry. If you use very hot water to wash your hair, the hot water removes excess oil from your hair. Washing your hair very often also make your hair dry.

Chemicals like hair color, lacquer, hair spray that we use on hair to bring various styles, make our hair dry. So restrict the use of those things. Do not use hair drier unless you need it. Dry your hair naturally. The hot air that comes out of the drier damages your hair by making it dry and the result is split ends.

Oil Massage For Dry Hair

Oil massage for dry hair

The best treatment to get rid of dry hair is perhaps oil massage. You can use any of coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil, olive oil, etc. for the massaging purpose. Or you can mix one with other oil. For example the combination of almond oil and olive oil and the combination of coconut oil and sesame oil is very effective.

These oils make your hair smooth and shiny. While massaging oil make your oil slightly hot because hot oil is absorbed by our skin very well.

Egg For Dry Hair

Egg, especially the yellow portion of egg is very effective for dry hair. Take one egg and beat it properly. Mix 2-3 tea spoon olive oil or milk in it.

Mix well and apply it on your hair. Use this pack at least twice a week. Within a month you will see a dramatic change in your hair.


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Yogurt For Dry Hair

Yogurt is excellent for dry hair. Take yogurt. The amount of yogurt for this purpose will be according to the length of your hair. Take the yogurt and beat it properly. While beating, you can add 1 tablespoon mustard oil in it.

Apply that mustard oil mixed yogurt in hair. Keep it for an hour and wash it with plain water. Shampoo your hair next day.


Ripe Banana Or Ripe Papaya For Dry Hair

Ripe banana or ripe papaya is excellent for hair. Smash ripe banana or ripe papaya into smooth paste.

Apply that on your hair. These fruits help to remove dryness of hair and make your hair smooth. Practice this method once a week and you will see a sea change in your hair.

Banana or papaya for dry hair

Castor Oil For Dry Hair

Castor oil is an excellent natural thing to remove the dry ness of hair very effectively. It also helps to make your hair thick. Take some castor oil in a bowl. Make it hot.

Now massage that oil on your hair in a round about way. Your hair will get back its shine within few days. So do not get worried about your dry hair. There are remedies. Practice them religiously and get rid of dry hair within few days.

Castor oil