6 Home Remedies For UTI


6 Home Remedies For UTI

Uti or urinary tract infection has become a common problem among men and women in United States of America among which women are more prone to this disease. If you use the same toilet which has been used by an uti person, there may be a great chance of infection. Apart from that, bacteria, virus and parasites cause this urinary tract or bladder infection.

The symptoms of this infection are high fever with shivering, burning sensation while urinating, pain in lower abdomen, yellow or green urine and foul smell in urine and in acute case there will be blood in urine. Uti should be treated with great care because unless it gets the right remedy in time the condition gets complicated and in some cases patients die. Uti also repeats if it gets favorable condition and patient once attacked by uti goes under repeated attack generally.

There are some home remedies for uti which you can practice to cure the disease at the very primary stage f the disease or chronic uti patient may use them to prevent the further attack of the disease. This article will give you a few tips in this matter. But before starting any home remedies go through a urine test to be sure that the problem is at the very primary stage.

Best Home Remedies For UTI

Horse Gram

Horse Gram For UTI

Actually drinking enough water and fluid is needed to flush out the germ through urine. Soak some horse gram in water over night and drink the water 4-5 times daily. You will get benefit. Horse gram has power to clean your urine effectively.

Garlic Cabbage Soup

Drink garlic cabbage soup everyday to clean your urine. Chop some cabbage and garlic. Boil them in water. Add salt to the water. Garlic has antibacterial property which kills the bacteria or parasites which cause uti whereas cabbage water cleanses the urinary tract.

For this reason strain this cabbage garlic soup and drink it regularly twice or thrice daily. It not only will cure the primary infection of uti, it will also prevent the further attack. So drink this garlic cabbage water everyday 4-3times daily.

Garlic Cabbage Soup For UTI


Gourd And Cucumber Juice

Gourd and cucumber juice is also excellent for uti patients. Grate one gourde and two cucumbers together. Extract the juice and preserve it in refrigerator. Drink the juice several times and finish the whole juice in a whole day. You will get benefit.

Gourd And Cucumber Juice For UTI

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is excellent for uti. Drink it 3-4 times daily to prevent and cure uti. You can buy readymade cranberry juice from the shop or you can make it at home. You may or may not add sugar in the cranberry juice.

But too much sugar adding may aggravate the situation if you have sugar content in blood is high. Sugar makes favorable condition in the growth of the bacterial infection.

Cranberry Juice For UTI

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Green Tea

Regular drinking of green tea cures uti very effectively. Green tea contains minerals and vitamins which makes your body healthy and helps to cure uti effectively.

Green Tea For UTI

Baking Soda And Water

Baking soda neutralizes acids in your urine and makes urination process less painful. Mix pinch of baking soda in a cup of water and drink it. You will get benefit.

Follow these tips and get remedy from Uti. But you should practice them at the only primary stage. But, if the situation gets complicated visit one doctor immediately.

Baking Soda And Water For UTI