6 Tips To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually


6 Tips To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually

Men have different notions of sex than a woman. There are very few people who can guide a man and woman about sex matters.

Experience may help one to know all the aspects that need to be considered to satisfy your woman sexually. However many woman may be shy to ask. Here are six tips that could help you satisfy your woman sexually.

Tips To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually

The first tip for any man is that he should not assume that all women are alike in sexual matters. This applies to relations with them also. Some woman may enjoy no-strings attached sex, while others may assume it is full of attachments. Hence it is very necessary to analyze what type of woman you are dealing with to satisfy her sexually.

No strings attacted sexually

The next tip to satisfy your woman sexually is to find out if she needs more vibrations to get a full orgasm. Some woman may not be satisfied just with the touch by fingers and human tongue. In such a case no man should consider himself insufficient if he has to use a vibrator to satisfy his woman sexually.

Vibrations To Get A Full Orgasm

Definitely a vibrator could assist the man in fully satisfying his woman. The third tip is for the man to realize that a man and a woman do not have same notions about sex and being satisfied with it. Men feel on top of the world when he inserts his penis in his woman’s vagina. However it may not be the same thing for her. Some women feel other parts of her body like her breasts to be more sensitive than the inside of the vagina. Some woman may not feel good by the thrusting and deep penetration of the vagina and may sometimes feel punched in the stomach when the man’s penis is long. So every man has to consider this aspect if he wishes to satisfy his woman sexually.

Do Not Have Same Notion

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The fourth tip is that some men think they know all about the woman’s anatomy. They assume a woman should have orgasm by the penis penetration; if not they think their woman is abnormal. However far from this belief many men may lack knowledge of how top stimulate their women; one may feel great on vaginal stimulation, some may feel pain and some may prefer to have indirect stimulation.

Men Thinks Woman's Anatomy

It is best for any man to ask his woman in a loving way, in which way she likes to be stimulated to be sexually satisfied and have an organism. The fifth tip is for a man to remove the myth from his mind that women get natural lubrication for easy penetration of his penis.

Man To Remove The Myth From His Mind

The lubrication of a woman’s vagina depends on various factors like the menstrual cycle, stress and also certain medications that a woman could be taking from time to time. It is advisable that he could suggest that his woman use lubrication creams, which could help both enjoy a satisfied sexual life. The sixth tip is for the man to satisfy all his views about sex and tell his woman what turns him up and what decreases his interest in sex. If both the partners were open in this respect they would be able to fully satisfy one another sexually.

Man To Satisfy All His Views