Skin And Body Care: Five Golden Rules


Mere face skin care is not enough. You need to take proper care of skin of your whole body to remain beautiful from top to bottom. To get a beautiful body skin you need a daily skin care. There are few golden rules that are easy to maintain and makes your skin beautiful.

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These golden rules are regular cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing, protection from sun and an appropriate diet for a healthy skin. This article will give you few tips on that matter.

5 Tips For Skin And Body Care

Regular Cleaning

Wash your skin everyday. Keep it clean all the time to avoid some problems like acne, pimples, boils, etc. Bathe everyday twice or thrice daily. But while bathing, to remove dirt and grease, restrict the use of soap on your skin. It is better to use some natural products to clean your skin.

Milk perhaps has no alternate as a cleanser. Massage milk allover your body and then rub your skin gently with a wet towel. It will help to remove dirt and grease from the deep pores of the skin. You can also use chickpea powder and yogurt to clean your skin. Mix yogurt and chickpea powder in bowl to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your skin. Rub gently in a roundabout way. It helps to remove dirt and grease from your skin without making your skin dry. Moreover, yogurt being natural acid makes your skin fair.

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Regular Exfoliation

Regular exfoliation is necessary for the good of your skin. Cells die naturally after certain time. If you do not remove them from your skin, they will block the pores of the skin and will hamper the breathing process. Lack of oxygen in skin makes your skin dull and drab. Moreover, blocked pores of skin create bacterial infection. Result of which is acne and pimples.

For this reason a weekly exfoliation is necessary to maintain the glow of the skin. Take some coarsely ground rice powder, little amount of rice husk and olive oil. Mix well and massage it on your skin for 10-15 minutes once or twice in every week. It will help to remove dead skin from outer layer of the skin.


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Regular Moisturizing

Regular moisturizing of skin is necessary to maintain the softness of the skin. Take some milk cream. Add few drops of rose essential oil and rose water in the cream.

Mix well and massage this on your skin. It is an excellent moisturizer for all types of skin and especially for dry skin. It removes wrinkle marks that are result of excessive dryness of skin.


Apply Sunscreen

Whenever you go to the sun do not forget to apply a good quality sunscreen lotion on your skin. Ultraviolet rays are harmful for skin. It burns your skin, makes it black, wrinkles your skin and creates various serious skin problems like skin cancer. Also use umbrella, ha and sunglasses for the protection of your skin from sun.


An Ideal Diet

An appropriate diet is necessary for the health of your skin. Drink adequate water to keep your skin hydrated. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables for the supply of different minerals and vegetables that improve the heath and texture of the skin.Follow these basic skin care routine and soon get a beautiful skin allover your body.