Skin Care Tips For Rosacea


Skin Care Tips For Rosacea Rosacea is a skin condition that when left untreated, could exacerbate and have several medical ramifications. It could acutely affect eyes, cause nasal skin thickening among several other complications. Knowing apposite rosacea skin care routine can prevent flare-ups and save the sufferer from incessant embarrassment, discontent, discomfort and worries about his/her skin.

Skin Care For Rosacea 

Professional Rosacea Skin Care

The best skin care routines essentially revolve around the key aspects of cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection.

Best Cleansing Approach For Rosacea Sufferers

People with rosacea ought to gently cleanse their face twice everyday with a mild surfactant for removing excessive oiliness, pollutants, traces of cosmetics or other skin care products and microorganism forms.

Select The Right Cleansing Product

Cleansing product must be chosen in accordance with the type of skin one has. One needs to be cognizant of the fact that except for greasy skin, soap-free cleansing products are ideal for all skin types as they have below ten percent soap content, are rinsed off with ease and possess pH neutrality which is closest to the innate pH value of skin.

Greasy Skin

Washing the skin using mild soaps is advisable, though do not scrub or forcefully/aggressively rub or over-cleanse as it could cause irritation.

Extra-Dry Skin

Skin Care Tips For Rosacea

Creamy cleansing products that are soap-free and generate less foam might be suitable for this skin type since a residual fine coat is left behind on the skin which aids in maintaining optimal moisture level.

Normal/Dry Or Both Types Of Skin

Opt for any soap-free cleansing product that exclusively caters to skin that is susceptible to reddening or sensitive.

Blunders To Avoid

Fragrance At A Cost

Irrespective of which cleanser you select, it shouldn’t contain any fragrance since it can trigger an allergic response, aggravate skin reddening and several symptoms of rosacea.

Exfoliant And Scrub

Steer clear of products containing grounded seeds/stones of fruits or the hard woody casing around the nut kernel. They work by scrubbing away the topmost skin layer and thus initiate irritation.

Issue With Alcohol In Skin Care Products

Products containing alcohol like astringent, toner and after-shave lotions can dry the skin and irritate it.

Potential Culprits

Eucalyptus oil, witch hazel, camphor, oil of cloves, menthol, salicyclic acid, sodium lauryl sulphate, harsh cleansing products, antibacterial face wash and alkaline soap bar can irritate the skin.

Correct Technique

The tips of your fingers or soft pads ought to be used for washing the face with an appropriate skin-affable cleansing product rather than sponge, coarse/rough wash cloths, loofah or brush. Thereafter, use tepid water for rinsing off all traces of cleanser. Water that is either heated or cold could aggravate skin and cause facial flushing. When facial irritation persists regardless of the water temperature then opt for creamy cleansers that could just be wiped off with tissues to soothe and cleanse it.

The wetness can be blotted dry using cotton-make towels. The skin should not be scratched, tugged, pulled or treated harshly. Follow up with brief air-drying prior to dabbing on topical medicine. Allow absorption for 5-10 minutes prior to using any moisturizing product, sunscreen or other cosmetics.

Best Moisturizing Approach For Rosacea Sufferers

There is a prevalent fallacy that acne-ridden individuals mustn’t apply moisturizer products, when actually the contrary holds true. Using a non-oily, light and non-occlusive moisturizing product everyday can replenish moisture into skin for counteracting the drying side-effects of several acne medicines while not plugging skin pores. Using a suitable moisturizing formulation is the best way to prevent any itchiness, irritation, stinging or burning sensations in the skin of sufferers.

Your Best Bet

Invest in moisturizer products which contain any of these favorable ingredients, namely glycerin, oils derived from silica, hyaluronan (HA) or ceramide as the skin can easily tolerate them and facilitate optimal hydration.

Use a barrier-repair cream or lotion twice daily for nurturing the skin while helping to mend any existent damage and withhold moisture. Following this practice regularly has been proven to lessen intensity of rosacea symptoms while offering gentle and effective skin care.

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Skin Care For Rosacea

Potential Culprits

One must avoid applying moisturizer that has heavy-grade mineral oil as it tends to block skin pores.

Best Sunscreen Approach For Rosacea Sufferers

Skin of rosacea sufferers are more susceptible to harm from the sun’s rays coupled with symptom aggravation following exposure. Hence, the daily usage of sunscreens or sunblock becomes especially significant for such people.

Select The Right Sunscreen

Ultraviolet A rays of the sun can cause skin aging while ultraviolet B rays are capable of causing burns. Astonishingly, there are several sunscreen products which fail to shield the skin from both of them. Hence, opt for a broad-spectrum, organic sunscreen which has silicones, micronized (invisible) titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Skin Care Tips For Rosacea

These superior ingredients are capable of attenuating ultraviolet radiation and providing supreme shielding from the sun’s harmful effects. The sun protection factor of your sunscreen or sunblock ought to be 30 or more and the formulation should especially be intended for people with skin sensitivity. Sunscreen or sunblock in gel or spray forms are found to work best for greasy skin. Always ensure that the chosen sunscreen in non-scented or non-alcohol-based.

Correct Technique

Irrespective of weather conditions sunscreen should be applied everyday. Don broad-rimmed head gear or consider totally avoiding the sun to prevent any flare-ups. Some multifunctional sunscreen brands have been created for shielding the skin as well as reducing apparent reddishness by containing a greenish tint that has a camouflaging effect.

Ensure applying your sunscreen thirty minutes prior to going out in the sun. One ounce is sufficient for covering the entire body and re-application is necessary in case of perspiration or being outdoors for protracted span of time.

Trial Before Use

Prior to buying any novel skin care brand it is always advisable that one tries a miniscule quantity of it on the neck for determining whether one is experiencing any reactions. Moreover, bear in mind that more the number of skin care products one uses, greater the likelihood of skin irritation due to any of its ingredients. Hence, streamlining skin care regime is recommended so that one is essentially using few but top-quality, multifunctional skin care products.