Smoking and Human Health

Addiction of any is not good as it destroys or spends our resources in an unplanned way. We are not able to think about the good and bad due to the problem of addiction. Addition may be described a condition when we use something more than required. Addiction may be of any thing in any form but in most of the cases the result of the addiction in not in our favor. Some common addiction in the society may include addition to alcohol, smoking, sex, tea, coffee etc. Unfortunately there is no successful treatment of addiction but a strong determination and well planning can fetch us back from the addiction of anything.

Smoking is one of the widely spread social evil. It causes health complications in both, the person who smokes (active smoker) and other who are in the surrounding (passive smoker). Studies have shown that passive smoking is more dangerous than active because it affects more to the person who don’t smoke. It is a social evil and should be avoided at any cost. Moreover it causes a number of health complications. A good fraction of cancer patients are found to be those who smoke. It causes the lung and throat cancer. Hence smoking should be avoided as soon as possible.

You can decide your own planning to quit smoking. But few things which you can do include don’t sit idle and keep yourself busy with some or the other thing. If you sit idle your mind will go towards smoking. Declare in your family and friend circle that you have quit smoking and don’t spent time with friend and colleagues who smoke. Avoid places where you can smoke. A strong determination is very helpful in quitting smoking. Initially you will face the problems like irritation, weight gain, lack of concentration etc after quitting smoking but soon you will find that things are getting better and you are able to enjoy a happier life. You can consult your doctor to seek further help.