Snoring Problem In Men

Snoring is one of the most common problems found in men all over the world. It is so prevalent that people have dedicated many jokes to it. It affects men more than the women. Snoring is not only a problem for people around the snorer, but also for the snorer. Men often neglect their snoring. They are unaware that it can be an indication for many life-threatening diseases.  Snoring in men is very loud. It is an obstructive form of breathing during sleep. This problem increases if the person suffers from obstructive sleep apnea.

The snoring sound begins, in those parts of air passages which lack any firm support. It involves the back of the nose, tonsils, palate and the tongue. Snoring is a result of many factors. The factors which block the upper airway passages through some body change or injury as well as the factors which narrows the soft tissues of the airways like smoking, alcohol, obesity, aging, lethargic life style, enlarged tonsils and hormonal changes; interact to cause snoring.

Men, who snore heavily, generally have high blood pressure and many other heart problems. The most common effect of snoring is lack of sleep in the snorers. Snoring not only gives physical pain to the patient, it also harms his social life. It can strain both personal and professional relationships and can lead to many social embarrassments. The most advanced stage of snoring is sleep apnea. Apnea is characterized by snoring and suffocating, a struggle to breathe during sleep. This disease has loud snoring, interrupted by short periods of silence during which, there is struggle for deep breathing.

Snoring can be reduced by following simple lifestyle changes. Those people who have active and healthy life routine suffer less from snoring. Excess weight blocks the nasal air passages. So, reducing weight by regular exercises and morning walks should be made integral part of the life.

To overcome lack of sleep, taking sleeping pills is not the solution. Include milk, fruits and green vegetables to get a sound sleep. Other remedy is to reduce unnecessary stress from life. Avoid alcohol around four to five hours before sleep. Food should be taken at least two hours before sleep. Always sleep on your side rather than your back. If you don’t use pillows then start using one to allow free flow of air through the mouth and nose. If the snoring continues, even after following these ways, it is advised to consult doctor for more effective treatment.